About GGW

In 2006-2008 property values were on the rise and with them the amount of property taxes collected by counties and municipalities.  Like most local governments, my home county (Hernando County in Florida) just took the extra revenue, spent most of it and expanded government. For those of us who were paying attention to what government was doing we knew they were wasting most of it, giving out egregious raises to county government employees (among other things) and giving the bill to the taxpayer.

Then we came up with with a thought: What if the residents on the county really knew and understood in layman’s terms what our county government was doing? My conclusion was there would be a taxpayer revolt. The question now was: “When you talk to someone about government spending, their eyes usually roll back in their head with boredom. How do we actually teach people what our government is doing, yet still keep them entertained while motivating them to get involved?”

This question was answered  in 2007 when I produced educational and motivational seminars called “Government Gone Wild” (we were the first ones to coin the phrase ‘Government Gone Wild’ with the proof being we own the internet domain name)

These seminars were factual, educational, high energy, satirical, motivational and most of all…non-partisan

To make a long story short, we were able to motivate over 600 people (in a county of only 163,000) to show up to the county budget hearings and demand tax relief.

We got the same ‘ol song and dance from government and they cut taxes…a little, while raising user fees and actually increased the budget!

So, in 2008, I spent $40,000 of my own money and waged a campaign and successfully removed not one, but two, liberal tax and spend career politicians.

I have been the target of the liberal media ever since.

In 2010, I turned my focus to the rampant, wasteful and unsustainable (and dare I say it…unconstitutional) spending of the Federal Government and produced another seminar titled “Government Gone Wild: The Tea Party Edition, Government is Broke(n) which holds both political parties accountable for the mess the federal government is currently in.

I have spent the last year traveling the state of Florida, at my own expense, delivering these seminars .