Stop Big Labor’s Influence On Government


If you have reached this page you most likely have already seen our new video titled “State of the Unions”. Here you will find some potential solutions about getting “big labors” influence out of politics.

First, let us be clear…We are not against unions, per se. We are against unions:

a) Using their members’ dues to fund politicians campaigns that may disagree with the fundamental beliefs of the members paying those dues.

b) Public sector unions using taxpayer money to influence the outcomes of elections by filling the coffers of campaign accounts of politicians.

Unions are no longer what they used to be. When you hear union leaders and big government politicians refer to their “middle class union members”, most likely they are referring to government employees. A little known fact is that only 6.9% of all workers in this nation are private sector employees! These days unions are nothing more than a political tool of the left. Private sector unions at least have some free market forces at work. If a private sector union causes the price of a finished good to become too expensive, the free market will put downward pressure on it. This is not the case with public sector unions. Politicians promise public sector unions the world in exchange for their endorsement and campaign contributions. But, in the public sector, there is no free market to keep this in check. No matter what, the taxpayers will have to eventually pay for their all of these unrealistic promises from politicians to unions.

Let’s take each one of the above, case by case, and show you how to make a difference.

A) Union workers should become aware of their “Beck Rights”: Not many union workers are aware but they have the right to get a full refund on the portion of their union dues that are not used directly for representation. In short…you can have the portion of the union dues used for political purposes given back to you. This right came from the landmark Supreme Court decision in the case of Communication Workers of America v. Beck in 1998. Union leaders, of course, don’t make their members aware of this right. We at Government Gone Wild think this needs to be changed. Please contact your Representative in Congress and the Senate and ask them to propose legislation that makes it mandatory that all union contracts disclose this right AND to disclose the percentage and dollar amount of their campaign contributions to each political party to their new union member at the time they sign their employment contract. When talking to people about this potential solution, please refer to this as the “Government Gone Wild Solution”. For more on “Beck Rights” click here.

B) End Collective Bargaining For Public Sector Unions:  I think that many would agree that there is something wrong with public sector union bosses taking taxpayer money in the form of union dues and then using that money to lobby against the people who are footing the bill, the taxpayer. We at Government Gone Wild think that collective bargaining for public sector unions should end or at the very least have government entities stop enabling this by collecting those dues on behalf of the public sector unions and then making it even easier by mailing the checks to unions. Government is effectively acting as a collection agency for public sector unions. Please contact your state and local elected officials and ask them to introduce legislation similar to what Wisconsin and Indiana have passed.

This will be a long, uphill battle and unions will do everything in their power to ensure these solutions are never enacted. Remain steadfast and help us spread this message.