Invest In Your Children And Grandchildren

If you are like me you have at some point in your life given money to a political candidate because you believed in their message.  The question I pose to you is: “What kind of return on your investment did you receive?” Did your candidate get elected? Did your money go to line the pockets of some high priced consultant?

Since early January 2011 (8 short months) we at Government Gone Wild have become a major internet presence…

* Our videos have over 4 million views on YouTube

* We have over 123,000 fans on Facebook

* Our website consistently ranks as one of the tops in the U.S.

* We have been featured on the front page of The Drudge Report

And unlike the reckless spending of Congress, we did all of this on a shoestring budget. Image what we could do if we could take our message to the next level!

We need your help to continue to spread our message! Please consider donating to Government Gone Wild where you can see your hard earned money being put to good use.

I do not take a salary from Government Gone Wild and up until now we have never asked for any money. I have self funded this out of my own pocket because I want to be able to tell my children and grandchildren that I did everything I could to stop this insanity in D.C.

Any amount is greatly appreciated and know that all money will go to video production, the website and marketing our message.

Please click the link below to contribute or mail check to:

Government Gone Wild Productions, LLC

2939 Landover Blvd

Spring Hill, FL 34608

Thanking you in advance,

Blaise Ingoglia, Founder

Government Gone Wild!