Don’t Ask…Don’t Measure

They are at it again…

The National Institutes for Health, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services at the federal level, has brought us these gems of wasteful spending in the recent past:

  • $442,340 to study the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam
  • $2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes to “drink more responsibly on the job”
  • $800,000 to study the impact of a “genital-washing program” of uncircumcised men in South Africa, and
  • $423,500 to find out why men don’t like to wear condoms

Now it seems they are wasting more tax dollars by subsidizing a study attempting to find out if a gay man’s penis size has any correlation with his sexual health.

Yes, your read that correctly…we actually borrowed money from the Chinese to fund a study titled “The Association between Penis Size and Sexual Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men” and the stated goal was to comprehend the “real individual-level consequences of living in a penis-centered society.”

Among the findings:

  • Gay men who felt they had small or inadequate penis sizes were more likely to become “bottoms,” or anal receptive, while gay men with larger penises were more likely to identify themselves as “tops,” or anal insertive.
  • Men with smaller penises were more likely to be psychologically troubled than those with larger genitalia

This country is $14 trillion in debt. We are printing money like there is no tomorrow. We cannot keep our promises to our senior generation.

Isn’t there better things we could be spending what used to be our money on? We have a right to wonder where the jobs are and question authority when we see spending like this or maybe we should take the position of…don’t ask…don’t measure!

Blaise Ingoglia, Producer

Government Gone Wild!

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