Is Congress Bankrupting America…On Purpose?

It is no secret that Congress is spending us into oblivion. If we continue along this path this country will be bankrupt and it will be our children and grandchildren who will bear the brunt of the decisions our elected “leaders” make today.

But one has to ask…”Is Congress bankrupting this country on purpose?”

The reason I ask is because of this basic premise: math is a form of science and profit and loss statements, budgets and balance sheets are all rooted in math.

Two plus two equals four in any country and any language. If you spend more than you receive in revenues, the math says you will eventually go bankrupt.

I would think that the people we elected to Congress are relatively intelligent people (insert joke here). Don’t they read the same dire forecasts as we do? Don’t they see a $1.65 trillion deficit for 2011 a bad thing? Don’t they see the national debt as a national security threat?

Having considered the unfettered access to Congressional reports and the well paid staff to digest those reports I have come to this revelation about some members of Congress: That they are only two plausible conclusions for their increased resistance to cut the size and scope of our Federal government.

Conclusion one: These people who we have elected to Congress have no clue about fiscal affairs, can’t even read a budget and could not spell CBO is you spotted them the C and the B


Conclusion two: They have read the reports, know that the red ink tsunami is headed for this country and just don’t care because they are part of the “elite class” whose families will be well taken care of.

Given that it is the job of our Senators and Congressmen (and Congresswomen) to read all the reports and look out for their constituents, one has to wonder if this is all by design.

Please give me your thoughts and comment below.

Blaise Ingoglia, Producer

Government Gone Wild!

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