Obama’s Dangerous Message

We have all heard the Obama “Roanoke Rant” rant by now.

“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” 

After hearing that, my first reaction was “did he really just say that?”. I then I realized that the President went off script (and teleprompter). When he ad libs like this he is prone to giving us clues into his true core ideology. In an effort to save him the left has been hitting the airwaves trying to convince people the “that” he was referring to was government infrastructure. I am not so sure.

This is another in a long line of ill-timed “truths” that give us insight into the mind of Obama. Remember the statement “you need to spread the wealth around” when speaking to Joe the Plumber? Or, what about his remarks that “the private sector is doing just fine”?

Welcome to Obama’s world. It is a world where government can do no wrong and the private sector can do no right.  It is a false reality where government can, and should exist, without the free market. It is a place where capitalism is a necessary evil, and not the driving force for prosperity.  Maybe someone should remind him that the federal government would not exist if it were not for the states granting it power, and, government infrastructure such as roads and bridges would not exist if not for the tax revenues generated by the private sector.

Many of us can look back at our childhood and remember certain speeches given to us by our elected leaders. Some of these speeches have come to define us as Americans. Some of these speeches have defined the time. Will our children and grandchildren look back and remember this speech from our 44th President? I sure hope not.

In 1996, I decided to leave the high tax, high regulation state of New York and move to business friendly Florida.  Since opening my businesses, like many business owners, I have worked tirelessly to make an impact on my community and my finances while creating jobs. It wasn’t until last week that I realized that I never built it, that somebody else made that happen.

This is a dangerous message that Obama is sending to our youth.  It is a message that says you are not in control of your own destiny and that you cannot succeed without government.  It is a message that says your hard work will not be rewarded. This type of rhetoric should be resoundingly rejected by the American people. There are too many people in this nation that think that the governments job is to take care of them.  In order to remain the greatest republic this world has ever known we need more entrepreneurs, not less.

Obama is sending a dangerous, wrong message. In November, we need to send ours. 

Blaise Ingogia, Founder

Government Gone Wild!

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